Blake and Heather

We Love You.


But we know why you are here. You may want to learn about the location, or confirm the date of the wedding. You may want to take a look at our registry. You may want to see if you are in the wedding party. You're looking for hard, fast details.

Alas. What you don't yet realize is that your visit to this website is about more than that. It's been recommended that we tell our 'how we met story' here. More specifically, the website building software says: "Your welcome message can draw your guests in with the story of how you met, a description of the proposal, or any other adventures from along the way."

Prepare to be drawn in.

It was October 31st, 2014 - a mild, late-fall day. Heather Ryan was putting her finishing touches on her Halloween costume in her house in beautiful Northeast Washington D.C. She wanted to impress all of her new coworkers at the big annual office Halloween party.

At the very same time, Blake sat in his bedroom under the stairs in the warm swaddle of Northwest Washington D.C. He wondered -
how could he impress his new coworkers for Halloween? He could dress up as a pun - maybe a 'Deviled Egg'? This was a frequented option - but it seemed the world unanimously agreed it was hilarious. Yet, something about this year's Halloween felt special - a cheap pun would underwhelm.

Halloween day arrived. The leaves were browning - a perfect contrast to Heather's colorfully-outfitted 70's news reporter. Blake's tasteful dinosaur onesie popped from the crowd.

What neither Blake nor Heather realized is that their life partner was standing opposite at the same party. Moments into the day, Blake the Dinosaur and Heather the Reporter saw each other.

A year later, Blake and Heather went to his brother's wedding "as friends".

Two years later, you're visiting this website

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